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Bondi backpacker asked to leave restaurant over ‘not acceptable’ outfit gets apology


A popular Bondi restaurant has apologised to an Italian backpacker for “embarrassing and offending” the woman over her choice of outfit.

North Bondi Fish were slammed on social media after refusing to serve Martina Corradi and her boyfriend on Thursday due to her “revealing” outfit.

Shocked and offended by the way she was treated, Ms Corradi posted about her experience on Facebook.

The restaurant has since backflipped spectacularly, today issuing a public apology to Ms Corradi, who wore linen pants, high heels and a bralet top to the restaurant when she visited on Thursday.

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On Saturday, North Bondi Fish general manager Gemma Swanson said the restaurant has apologised to Ms Corradi over the “error of judgment” and offered her a free meal, according to the Daily Mail.

“We have reviewed the incident and acknowledge that it was an error of judgment to ask Martina and her partner to leave the restaurant,” Ms Swanson told the publication.

“We have since contacted Martina, apologised for the error in judgment and invited her and her partner back to enjoy lunch or dinner on us.

“We uphold a casual dress code and it is clear that Martina should not have been asked to leave.

“As a result, we will be retraining all of our staff and management on our protocols including dress code.

“We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone to enjoy the North Bondi Fish experience.”

The incident first attracted attention after Ms Corradi, who is a fitness model and personal trainer, posted about in Bondi Local Loop Facebook group to ask what people thought of the outfit and if it was inappropriate.

“I just want an opinion from outside Even because I felt very embarrassed and offended at the same time,” she posted.

“We did the sign in and we took a sit at the terrace outside, under the sun. The waitress as soon as I took a sit she said that I’m not well dressed and this is not acceptable to stay in a place like that.

“Me and my boyfriend we looked at her and we didn’t know what to say. We were shocked!”

Most people seemed to agree there was nothing wrong with the outfit.

One woman wrote: “Nope you look just fine – ESPECIALLY for the context of Bondi Beach restaurant!! And its dumb if people are offended by a little boob flesh showing, if you were flat would they then be OK with this look?? I hate having to be conscious just because my breasts look great.”

Another added: “Ridic, you look great – it would be inappropriate for the office but not restaurant by the beach.”

One woman even commented: “If you were a blonde Australian girl with an Instagram following in that outfit it would have been a different story.”

While some guessed her top too closely resembled lingerie and that was why staff called it into question, most agreed the woman was treated unprofessionally (even if it did violate the restaurant’s dress code).

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This is what happens to your body when you stop exercising


After a lot of effort, you finally started exercising, but one fine day you got busy and felt too lazy to get up and get moving. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months. Sounds familiar? If we just gave a peek into your life, then you must be the one that got away – from working out. Also Read – Weight loss surgery may affect your bone health; Here’s how exercise can help protect your bones

As we all know, exercise is an integral part of “things you need to do to stay fit.” Exercise helps you keep your weight in check, keep diseases at bay, make you feel motivated and improve productivity. But the counter effects of not exercising are inevitable, especially if you have not exercised for a few weeks. Read on to know what happens to your body when you stop exercising. Also Read – Do you sit for prolonged periods? Just 11 minutes of exercise a day can help keep diseases at bay

You Lose Muscle

While taking some days off exercising is not bad for your health, but in the long run, it can take a toll on your muscle health. You start to lose muscle after a few weeks if you don’t exercise. But the effects depend on the kind of exercise you do. For instance, if you do strength training, you may not experience big setbacks, but for someone who does endurance sports like running or swimming, you may see a rapid decline in your cardio fitness. Also Read – Climbing stairs every day is good for your mental health and wellbeing

Your Blood Sugar Spikes

Studies have shown that regular workouts helps control blood sugar levels by bringing down your glycemic index. As per the study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercise helps in managing type 1 and 2 diabetes by improving glucose by increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering body weight. Clearly, when you stop exercising, your blood sugar levels will spike. A study published in the Comprehensive Physiology found that even three days of physical inactivity can lead to glucose intolerance in young and healthy individuals.

You Gain Weight

It should come as no surprise when we say that physical inactivity can lead to weight gain. Physical activity is important for keeping your weight in check. Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center found that lack of exercise leads to a significant increase in potentially dangerous visceral fat.  may up your risk of chronic diseases.

Your Blood Pressure Rises

Regular physical activity can lower your blood pressure and keep it in check. But when you stop working out, it can cause an elevation. A study by the European Journal of Physiology found that after two weeks of physical inactivity, your blood vessels began to harden and lead to a hypertension.

Your Will Sleep Worse

You might even experience a change in your sleep patterns once you stop exercising. Several studies, including the one published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, indicate that regular workouts improve sleep patterns. Another study, named “Exercise and Sleep,” found that regular exercise helps increase total sleep time and make you feel alert throughout the day.

Plus, You Will Find It Hard To Go Back To Exercising

Of course, there are many drawbacks of not exercising regularly. But what becomes more difficult after you stop working out is regaining motivation and endurance to push yourself to workout. So, think twice before you stop exercising. Any sudden changes in your diet and physical activity can take a toll on your health.

Published : December 28, 2020 12:09 pm

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What Big Brother star David Graham, ‘Farmer Dave’, looks like now


David Graham, or “Farmer Dave”, as many may remember him as, hit our screens back in 2006 when he appeared on the reality show Big Brother.

The 40-year-old, who was one of the first openly gay contestants on the program, captivated audiences with his charming smile and good looks.

And 14 years on, it’s safe to say that not much has changed.

He still has that big, bright smile and trademark long locks, except now he’s rocking an impressive bristling beard.

“Hubba hubba. Looking good with the beard mate,” one of his fans rightfully pointed out in an Instagram snap from Thursday.

“My god I love your hair. Merry Christmas beautiful man,” another added.

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The post shows the father-of-three relaxing in an outdoor tub with a drink in his hand and beard on full display.

“Merry Christmas… from a bloke in a sheep trough who is just so content with his life, so happy yet so exhausted with 2020 coming to a close…here is cheers to you Baby Jesus!” Graham captioned the snap.

Since his stint on Big Brother, where he came third, Dave went on to star in a bunch of TV and radio shows including Dancing with the Stars and a US TV pilot for none other than Oprah Winfrey.

The farmer from Queensland also forged a successful career as an international dog trainer.

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“My job from a very early age was to manage and care for our many working dogs. Aside from being critical to the running of the farm, they taught me about building relationships based on trust, respect, kindness and valuing each other,” he writes on his website.

“Our farm dogs were my first friends, my companions and confidants in a world where I often felt confused, isolated and different.”

Dave came out as gay during an emotional live episode of Big Brother in 2006.

In an interview with Mamamia this year, he said he does not remember any of the details now because of the heightened emotion of the moment.

“Fourteen years have passed and a friend sent me a link to the whole series on YouTube. I’ve been doing podcasts and stuff with other housemates and it triggered a lot of memories, so I started watching last week.”

Dave has been enjoying quality with his family since having to cut short a dog training tour in the US due to the pandemic.

“They shut down New Orleans the second day I was there,” he told Mamamia. “The day after that we got on a plane and got the hell home.”

Dave told the publication he is “pretty much living out of a suitcase” and because of his

international dog training career he “very rarely” sees his three daughters.

“Their mums will bring them to where I’m doing a show and I get to see them during the break,” he said.

“That’s not connecting with your kids and I realise that now. I need to take time out and go and spend weekends and actually hang out with them and just do whatever it is that they want to do.”

Dave became a donor father for the first time in 2016 — he has two children with a lesbian couple and one with a single female friend.

In an interview with news.com.au at the time, Dave said he met the mothers of his first baby, Kris and Jane, at an LGBTI event in 2012 and they “just clicked.”

And as for his love life, the doting dad told The Daily Telegraph recently he is “still one of those blokes who’s looking and hoping and waiting (for the one)”.

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Fauci warns of surge in COVID-19 after Christmas and New Year


The worst of the coronavirus pandemic may be on the horizon for the US, with a possible surge in cases after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the country’s top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has warned.

Dr Fauci explained his projections on CNN’s State of the Union TV program on Sunday, after the network’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash asked if the worst of COVID-19 is yet to come.

“We very well might see a post-seasonal — in the sense of Christmas, New Year’s — surge, and as I’ve described it, as a surge upon a surge,” Dr Fauci replied.

“Because if you look at the slope, the incline of cases that we’ve experienced as we’ve gone into the late fall and soon to be early winter, it is really quite troubling.”

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr Fauci said that the figures Bash mentioned were correct — a baseline of 200,000 new COVID-19 cases, about 2,000 deaths per day, and hospitalisations exceeding 120,000.

“We are really at a very critical point, if you put more pressure on the system by what might be a post-seasonal surge because of travelling and the likely congregating of people for the good warm purposes of being together for the holidays,” Dr Fauci said.

“It’s very tough for people not to do that even though we advise not to, it’s gonna happen.”

Dr Fauci said that was the very reason that he shares President-elect Joe Biden’s concern that the coming weeks in the US will be grimmer than ever.

Mr Biden said that the country’s “darkest days in this battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us”.

Over the past week, the US had an average of 189,578 new coronavirus cases per day and 2,250 deaths daily, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.

As of Sunday morning, at least 19 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 332,000 people have died, according to a New York Times database.

Dr Fauci predicts a potential new high in coronavirus cases despite federal regulators’ approval earlier this month of vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna that are already being administered to health care workers and nursing home residents.

On Sunday, Fauci also said that health experts are “intensively” looking at a new coronavirus strain that has emerged in the UK.

Initial studies show that the mutation is not a more serious virus “in terms of virulence”, Dr Fauci said, and that it will not affect the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission

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Dire forecast for end of the year


Much of Australia can expect a wet end to the year, with thunder and rain storms predicted across the eastern half of the continent.

The east coast and parts of the inland areas could be battered by severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and heavy rain this week, according to the Bureau of Meteorology forecast.

Those showers will drench Queensland and NSW, and push into Victoria by New Year’s Eve, before continuing south to Tasmania and southeast South Australia.

The northern part of the continent will see a technical break in the monsoon period – but that doesn’t mean it won’t rain.

“It’ll still be fairly active with showers and storms,” BOM meteorologist Sarah Scully said.

Western Australia will be the exception. Residents there can expect dry heat and elevated fire dangers.

The wet weather across the east is La Nina in action, according to the bureau.

That’s a weather phenomenon linked to the shifting pattern of sea surface temperatures through the Pacific and Indian Oceans, which impacts rainfall and temperature variations in Australia.

Typically, La Nina is associated with heavier rainfall and increased numbers of tropical cyclones.

“The rising humidity is quite typical of the La Nina pattern,” Ms Scully said.

Those conditions follow some fairly intense winds in Victoria, which knocked down at least 604 trees and caused locals to report 119 instances of damaged buildings.

Experts measured winds as fast as 117km/h in the Melbourne suburb of Fawkner, and other spots like St Kilda and Wilsons Promontory also saw damaging winds.

There was also a sudden drop in temperatures on Sunday night. Just after 6pm, the temperature fell by 10 degrees in Melbourne in the span of just five minutes.

“It brought an end to the short-lived burst of summer in southeastern Australia,” Ms Scully said.

Below is the New Year’s Eve outlook for Australia’s capital cities:


Expect a shower or two, and a cloudy sky. Temperatures could range from 16 to 19 degrees.


Likely to see a wet New Year’s Eve, with showers and temperatures ranging from 22 to 28 degrees.


Rain is possible and cloudy skies look likely. The temperature could range from 15 to 25 degrees.


The nation’s capital will see similar conditions to Melbourne: overcast skies with a chance of rain. Expect temperatures between 14 and 25 degrees.


Fine and sunny, with a maximum temperature of 29 and a minimum of 14 degrees expected.


Possible showers. Temperatures are expected to range from 13 to 18 degrees.


A shower or two looks likely, and a New Year’s storm is also possible. Temperatures should be between 24 and 32 degrees.


New Year’s Eve should be sunny in Perth. Temperatures will range from 18 to 31 degrees.

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Ed Sheeran earned $124 million last year despite taking a break from music


Ed made an incredible $124 million last year through his touring firm.

And that’s not including his song recording company, which banked another $85 million.

It means his fortune is set to overtake that of greats including Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. And all of this in a year Ed took off.

Documents filed at Companies House reveal turnover of more than $124 million and profits of $65 million through Nathan Cable Touring.

It banked nearly $360,643 a day in the year ending March 31, 2020.

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The figures follow the record-breaking Divide tour, which finished in Ed’s hometown of Ipswich in August 2019.

That became the highest-grossing music tour ever, grossing $1 billion over 255 shows.

Europe generated $105 million, with $20 million from Asia and $224,025 from North America.

His Ed Sheeran Ltd firm, which gets money from the writing, recording and production of his music, made a $51 million profit on turnover of $85 million.

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Earlier this year Ed was reported to be one of the wealthiest music stars in the country, at $356 million.

Ringo is thought to be worth $463 million and Sir Keith around $481 million, meaning Ed is likely to overtake them.

Shortly before the tour ended, Ed dropped No.6 Collaborations Project, which topped the album charts in several countries.

Last Christmas Eve, Ed told fans he was taking a break and quit social media — not for the first time. He resurfaced in September to announce the birth of daughter Lyra with wife Cherry.

And on Monday he made a surprise return to music with the single Afterglow.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2021.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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Mick Schumacher happy to live up to Michael’s reputation


Mick Schumacher has hailed his dad Michael as the greatest of all time and admitted he’s OK with comparisons between the pair.

The 21-year-old is gearing up to follow in his father’s footsteps and make his Formula 1 debut next year.

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Mick’s dad Michael is a seven-time world champion — tied with Lewis Hamilton, who also beat the German’s legendary 91-race win record.

Yet Mick claimed his old man remains the best after insisting he understands the constant comparisons with the 51-year-old.

He told Bild: “I’m OK with that; all the questions and comparisons with my father do not bother me.

“For me, he is the all-time best in this sport, to which he has given his all. I don’t see why I should disregard that.”

The Formula 1 season is set to start again in March and Mick, due to make his debut for Haas, admitted it will be a special moment for his family.

The Formula 2 champion added: “It will generally be a very special moment.

“It will certainly be a very moving moment, but I want to stay focused on my objectives, my races and the work with the team.”

Schumacher Jr will partner fellow rookie Nikita Mazepin, the son of a Russian billionaire, who was confirmed at the start of the month.

Schumacher Sr suffered a severe head trauma in a skiing accident in 2013.

The legendary German driver is thought to be continuing his recovery at a luxury villa in Majorca but his close friend and ex-Ferrari chief Jean Todt suggested the 51-year-old may be conscious.

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This article first appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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Heat debutant provides a warm welcome


Star Australia batsman Marnus Labuschagne was among the first people to congratulate good friend James Bazley after the all-rounder’s breakthrough Brisbane Heat performance on Monday night.

In his Heat debut, Bazley steadied Brisbane’s ship with an unbeaten 31 off 19 balls at the Gabba to guide his side to their first victory of the BBL season over the Hobart Hurricanes.

The 25-year-old’s moment in the spotlight was a long time coming after being sidelined for almost two full seasons with a groin injury.

Bazley was grateful for the support his former housemate Labuschagne – currently on Test duty in Melbourne – had given him along the way.

“We’ve known each other for a long time and been on the journey together, and he’s helped me a lot along the way, and I’m sure I’ve helped him along the way at times with a few things as well,” Bazley said.

“It’s very good to have someone like that to bounce off, to learn from and to train with, but just be really good friends with as well outside of cricket.

“He sent me a message (on Monday) night saying well done, which is awesome.”

Bazley said his maiden Heat innings was a “confidence booster”.

“The last couple of years has been really helpful for me learning my game. I’m a lot more mature as a person and a cricketer now,” he said.

“I needed to go through that down period of being thrown into the deep end, that kind of a sink or swim situation, and maybe not taking the most of those opportunities, and then doubting yourself a little bit.”

Bazley was also thankful for the on-field support of stand-in Heat captain Jimmy Peirson,

The pair combined for an unbeaten seventh-wicket stand of 50 to lift Brisbane off the bottom of the ladder.

“Jimmy was really good. He was really helpful for me,” Bazley said.

By a quirk of the draw, the Heat meet the Hurricanes again on Wednesday night, and again at the Gabba,

“If we can get a couple of wins now and get the ball rolling, it’s very helpful,” Bazley said.

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Fast Charging Market Enabling Technologies, Applications, Standardization, Key Trends Forecasts 2025


PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, December 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On –“ Fast Charging Market Enabling Technologies, Applications, Standardization, Key Trends Forecasts 2025”.

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The market has been studied based on various segmentation conducted in the Fast Charging market at various levels. The segmentation is made on the various aspects of the markets such as geographical areas, product types, applications, and companies. The detailed market structure is presented reasonably in the global market report. The various individual performance is described in the report giving an in-depth insight into the overall market players present in the companies. The regional segmentation provides the names and descriptions of the various key countries and regions present in the markets. The product type segmentation provides the names and descriptions of the various variety of products present in the global markets. besides that, various applications of the Fast Charging markets and its products are defined in the market report.

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US Costco sells at-home COVID tests to allow for international travel


Going on a holiday is a distant memory as the world continues to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but for Costco customers in the US it could soon be a reality.

The major retailer, notorious for selling everything under the sun — in  bulk — has teamed up with the Bermuda Government to sell home-testing saliva kits to screen for COVID-19.

The tropical island, known for its ominous name as the Bermuda triangle, has partnered with Costco to make travel easier in light of the global health crisis.

Select Costco stores will sell self-testing COVID-19 kits. (AAP)

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) announced the news, touting the British territory as “the first international destination to partner with Costco in this way… to easily use PCR saliva screening as an acceptable pre-arrival test.”

The kits will retail for $140 ($AUD 184), and are managed by Costco Pharmacy and AZOVA health.

Consumers opting for the kit must perform the test with video observation.

They will then receive their results through an app created by AZOCA within 12 to 48 hours of delivering their sample.

Travellers must take the test five days prior to their planned departure to the island.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
The sparkling beaches of Bermuda. (iStock)

“We believe this marks a major step forward in facilitating access to pre-travel testing required for Bermuda visitors — it will be offered across the U.S., including major tourism markets with direct air service to the island,” said CEO of BTA Glenn Jones, BTA said in a statement.

“The prospect for travel is still difficult for many. Every day we’re working to make it a little easier.”

The tests will be available in select Costco stores across the US, with New York and Boston chains likely to be stocked first.

Pharmacists at specific Costco pharmacies will also be available to observe shoppers conducting the test in order to support the process.

And no, a coveted Costco membership is not required to use the test online or in-store.

Visitors to the island will have to register with public health officials and take another test upon arrival. (Getty)

Victor Curtis, Senior Vice President of Costco Pharmacy said he is “proud” to “serve as an essential part of Bermuda’s initiative to expand COVID-19 testing options for its travelers to include 120 markets around Costco warehouses and on Costco.com.”

Bermuda has been widely unscathed by coronavirus, with 553 cases and nine deaths reported on the island to date.

The United States however, has documented over 19,573,900 cases and more than 340,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Bermuda reopened to tourists in July and currently requires all visitors 10 years old and over to complete a pre-travel COVID-19 test.

Visitors to the island will have to register with public health officials and take another test upon arrival.

Quarantine will be mandatory until the results become available, as well as twice-daily temperature checks and additional coronavirus tests of the fourth, eighth and 14th day of their trip.

The government says it will book COVID-19 tests on behalf of visitors and provide email reminders. 

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