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Tammin Sursok reveals miscarriage heartbreak

Australian actress Tammin Sursok has opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriages, as well as the struggles she has had with fertility.

In an extremely emotional post on Instagram, the Pretty Little Liars actress said that her first miscarriage changed her life “forever”.

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The 37-year-old uploaded an image of herself crying in a car, and another close-up shot of herself holding holding one of her baby daughters, as she opened up about her miscarriage.

“December 3rd, 2016, was the day that would change my life forever,” Tammin said.

“We were about to find out the sex of our baby after many times hearing the heartbeat.”

The actress said she was being attended to by a nurse with her husband Sean McEwen, and their daughter Phoenix, when she realised something was wrong.

“After a few seconds, my body went cold. I looked up at the nurse and I just knew. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said. ‘Your baby’s heart has stopped beating,’” Tammin added.

“No one can prepare you for this type of pain.”’

Sursok revealed that she then spent the next year trying to conceive. Unfortunately, she went on to suffer more miscarriages.

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“The year that passed was an incredibly lonely, confusing, scary and self-loathing one,” she said.

Sursok shared her story to promote a pregnancy app that aims to help people to “feel less alone in their trying-to-conceive journey”.

In November of last year, the actress spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the multiple miscarriages she has suffered, saying that she felt like her body was “letting her down”.

“I started getting scared because I kept getting pregnant very easily and I lost a few back-to-back so I was pregnant for almost two years on and off,” she said.

“I think you feel like your body is letting you down. What we don’t do as a society and we’re starting to do more is talk about the bad things that are happening in our lives.”

However,she said her history of pregnancy struggles had definitely strengthened her relationship with Sean, bringing the couple much closer together.

The couple tied the knot in Italy back in 2011. They share two daughters together, Phoenix Emmanuel, six, and Lennon Bleu, one.

Earlier this year, the actress divided fans when she uploaded a nude photo with her children.

In the image, the former Home And Away star was seen holding her youngest daughter Lennon while Phoenix stood by her side.

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With their backs facing the camera, the trio look out to the view in front of them.

The actress who relocated from Australia to LA in 2006, was on a family holiday with her husband Sean and their girls, in the western US state of Montana.

However, it was another view that caught the attention of some of her 1.3 million followers.

While nearly 100,000 fans have liked the snap, complimenting the mother-of-two for sharing the “sweet” and “beautiful” photo, others described it as “strange” and too “personal”.

“You shouldn’t share these pics … Your little girls without clothes. Internet is full of bad people,” one person commented.

“Some pictures should just be personal. Love for your family but not out in the world,” said another.

“No offence, this is a little strange for me,” a third person said, while another added, “It is cute but also kinda weird.”

The Pretty Little Liars star took the time to respond to some of the positive and negative comments including a follower who’s remark she couldn’t ignore.

“When her son gets her daughter pregnant she will wonder why,” the person wrote, to which Tammin responded, “I don’t have a son. Also … please go talk to someone”.

Many stepped in to defend the actress, commending her for teaching her daughters to be “body positive and not body conscious”.

“Gorgeous Tammin! Teaching your girls to be strong and confident,” one follower wrote with Tammin replying, “it starts at home!”.

“Haters gonna hate, and love is gonna love. Can’t stop the haters from feeling the way they feel. So just keep on spreading that LOVE,” another fan commented.

Tammin agreed saying, “love always wins”.

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