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Happy Diwali 2020: Important health tips to follow for a safe Diwali in the times of coronavirus and rising air pollution

The festival of light is here! While people are gearing up to celebrate the most awaited festival of the year, there is also a sense of fear due to the pandemic and pollution. While coronavirus continues to devastate our lives, air pollution is adding to the misery. For the unversed, air pollution can affect our body organs and bodily functions. It can aggravate conditions like COPD, bronchial asthma, fatigue, anxiety, headache, irritation in the eyes, throat and nose and damage the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Here are some easy tips to have a happy, safe and healthy Diwali.

Maintain ventilation

Keep your doors and windows open occasionally to allow proper ventilation. Ventilation allows the air to circulate through the house and thus keep the house fresh. Do not open the doors and windows during the evening time as the pollution levels are too high during the evening hours.

Wear your mask

By now we all have clearly understood that wearing a mask can stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. So, to stay clear of pollution and safe from the coronavirus, make sure you wear your mask while you celebrate with other people.

Do not use sanitizer before lighting candle or diyas

Refrain from using hand sanitizer before lighting diyas. Sanitizers are alcohol-based, which makes them inflammable. Thus, using them right before lighting diyas can lead to fire and burn.

Keep the sanitizer away from fire

Sanitizers can easily catch fire. Thus, make sure to keep the sanitizer bottle away from candles and diyas.

Have a vitamin C rich diet

Vitamin C helps boost immunity. To keep your immunity up and tight, have foods rich in magnesium, omega fatty acids and vitamin C.

Maintain social distancing

Do not attend a large gathering for the Diwali party. Try to celebrate Diwali at home with your family and close friends. If you are meeting someone outside, maintain social distancing and do not shake hands with anyone.

Do not exercise outdoors

The pollution levels are soaring high right now. So, instead of skipping your workout, choose to exercise indoors. It’s also recommended to limit outdoor activities for children at this time.

Keep inhaler and medicines handy

People who have asthma should keep their inhaler handy. People suffering from any other respiratory issue should keep their medicines handy and follow all the precautions to have a safe and happy Diwali.

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