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Conduent and APPLY Synergies Team Up to Drive Better Business Performance through “Moments of Need” Learning Nasdaq:CNDT

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Nov. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT) today announced it has become the first and only preferred affiliate of APPLY Synergies, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping learning organizations design, develop and measure effective learning and performance support strategies. This affiliate relationship with APPLY Synergies allows Conduent access to proprietary methodology and tools to deliver the right learning content at the right time of need for its global clients across a wide range of industries.

APPLY Synergies’ 5 Moments of NeedTM methodology enables learning while people perform their jobs – so employees can access training when they need it most, keeping pace with today’s fast-changing business dynamic and workforce. The solution significantly reduces the time, effort and cost to on-board, re-board, train and re-skill employees.

“Conduent has shown itself to be a true leader and reliable partner in the Learning and Development industry,” said Bob Mosher, chief learning evangelist and CEO, APPLY Synergies. “The synergies between our 5 Moments of Need Methodology and their breadth of learning services makes for a powerful and unique collaboration that helps support and drive true business performance in a new and innovative way.”

A Modern Learning Approach
Companies are facing significant challenges in the marketplace from the most recent issue of COVID-19 to the accelerated speed of change in business. While formal learning is still an essential component of a company’s learning strategy, employees need to learn new or more skills and apply those skills to perform their jobs. In order to adapt to new situations, employees also need to solve problems or change their approach that may not be able to wait for formal training. Together, APPLY Synergies’ methodology and Conduent’s reach will enable more companies and employees to benefit from fast, accessible learning – exactly at the moment of need.

“The evolution of the modern business environment demands that companies continually find the most innovative and efficient ways to educate and elevate their employees,” said Leo Blankenship, Vice President and General Manager, Workforce Enablement Services at Conduent. “Our collaboration with APPLY Synergies will enable us to bring the latest learning solutions to our clients, to help them build educated, nimble and more productive workforces.”

About Conduent HR and Learning Solutions
Conduent HR and Learning Solutions focuses on a client’s broad learning constituency – employees, contingent workers, customers, vendors, business leaders and channel partners – to design and successfully deliver learning services. As the industry’s only end-to-end HR services provider, Conduent HR and Learning Solutions delivers technology-enabled HR services and solutions that improve processes across the employee journey to maximize business performance, while increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

About Conduent  
Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments – creating exceptional outcomes for its clients and the millions of people who count on them. Through our dedicated people, process and technology, Conduent solutions and services automate workflows, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enable revenue growth. It’s why most Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities depend on Conduent every day to manage their essential interactions and move their operations forward.

Conduent’s differentiated services and solutions improve experiences for millions of people every day, including two-thirds of all insured patients in the U.S., 10 million employees who use its HR Services, and nearly 18 million benefit recipients. Conduent’s solutions deliver exceptional outcomes for its clients, including $17 billion in savings from medical bill review, up to 40% efficiency increase in HR operations, up to 27% reduction in government benefits costs, up to 40% improvement in finance, accounting and procurement expense, and improved customer service interaction times by up to 20% with higher end-user satisfaction. Learn more at www.conduent.com.

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